Christmas – a time to celebrate and reflect

This week the Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2 children performed for their parents as part of their end of term Christmas traditions. Their concert this year was a musical adaptation of Baboushka. Each class prepared dances to accompany the many beautiful songs. As usual the Year 2 children take on the roles of the main characters and storytellers; they did this with confidence and expression thanks to the hard work put into their rehearsals over the last month.
The Year one children were shepherds, sheep and sleeping children hoping for a gift from Baboushka. The Year 1 children also accompanied the songs with Christmas bells.
The Reception children were the village people, and farmers beautifully dressed in cosy costumes. The youngest children delighted the parents with their wide eyes of wonder as they stepped onto the stage for the first time as stars and toys; soldiers, rag dolls and teddy bears.
The head of primary and class teachers are always so grateful to the primary parents who put in so much thought, care and detail into the children's costumes. 

The primary plays are one of the highlights of the year and the standard is always outstanding from the singing and dancing to the attention to entry and exit of the three year olds, which was so lovingly assisted this year by the Year 2 children who made sure that no one was going to worry about where they should stand or trip up as they stepped onto the stage! Teamwork! This is what education is all about. And it is through the production of a musical from rehearsal to performance - children, teachers and parents - that we realise how very true this is!

The Year 3 - 6 children and the secondary students will be celebrating Christmas in the local church in Genova on Wednesday 21st at 11.00 am where they will be handing over cheques to Proactiva Open Arms, the Banco de Alimentos de Baleares, Allen Graham Charity 4 Kidz Foundation and to JoyRon who are funding a swimming pool for Aspace. All funds have been raised by the Queen's community at their annual Christmas Fair and through their traditional Giving Tree which will be transferred to the church in Genova next week. To date over 6500 euros has been raised, to this total Queen's will be adding the money raised by the Giving Tree to support JoyRon.

Debbie Eaves,
Head of Primary,
Queen's College