Adapted swimming

Our adapted swimming programme aims to cater for functional diversity, cognitive or sensorial, from babies (early stimulation) to adults. Once an initial evaluation to define objectives has been made, the decision is taken as to the individual or group treatment required. Programmes are specific, adapted to each client’s personal needs, both motor and cognitive.

The objective of the programme is to increase each individual’s quality of life by improving physical, psychic and social well-being through the acquisition of basic aquatic skills which lead to autonomy in the aquatic environment, and by fostering favorable attitudes toward the practice of aquatic activities which have positive effects on health and leisure.

The programme is structured in different modalities according to the age and degree of autonomy of the participants. The possibility exists, for those who have sufficient level, to participate in the swimming competitions organized by the FESAIB (Federation of Adapted Sports of the Balearic Islands).

Early stimulation
Adapted for infants
Adapted to adults
Adapted for each individual

From 3 to 5 years
From 6 to 16 years
From 16 years
From 3 years

*The monthly prices shown are based on the calculation of the quarterly rates.