How to inscribe

If you would like to reserve a place, you must complete the inscription form in reception and pay the registration fee and the corresponding monthly, quarterly or annual fee.

To complete the inscription process correctly, you must fill in your contact and invoice details on the inscription form. This information will be used for the billing process.

In the case of an underage client, the name and signature of the father, mother or tutor must be entered on the inscription form.

As soon as your reservation request is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email.

Times & Tariffs

This PDF includes a detailed list of the times and tariffs of the services offered:

Swimming Courses:

  • Babies swimming courses
  • Children's swimming courses (Beginners)
  • Children's swimming courses (Advanced)
  • Adult swimming courses
  • Antenatal swimming classes

Activity Pack:

  • Fitness classes: Pilates - Postural Re-Education - Total Body Conditioning - Aquafitness - Hypopressive Exercise

Lane Swimming:

  • Free lane swimming

Personal Training:

  • Individual Personal Training (1:1)
  • Partner Personal Training (1:2)
  • Group Personal Training (1:3)

Private Swimming Lessons:

  • Individual Private Swimming Lessons - Children & Adults (1:1)
  • Partner Private Swimming Lessons - Children & Adults (1:2)

Group Training:

  • 2 sessions / week membership
  • 3 sessions / week membership


You can download the PDF file by clicking on "Download Catalogue".

Download Catalogue