Fire Station Trip

Fire Safety and a visit to the local Fire Station

Year 1 and 2 from Queen´s College have been busy learning about fire safety in assembly. They have been discussing how to act appropriately when they hear a fire alarm,learning about fire detection equipment and how to stay safe at home. 

The children decided on some questions that they would like to ask the firemen about their job ready for their visit to the fire station last week. Year 1 and 2 took part in a question and answer workshop and were able to see and wear the special clothing and equipment that a fireman uses. They were then lead to the cinema in the station to learn more about keeping safe if there is a fire and soon after they had a tour of the fire station. The children´s favourite part was when they were able to ride in the fire truck and press the siren! The children had a wonderful morning visiting the fire station which then helped them to create information texts when they returned back to school.

Visits into the local community really help to bring a topic alive and create memories they will never forget!