Activity Pack

Activity Pack

We offer a variety of group classes which take place during the mornings and afternoons, from Monday to Friday. Initially we will offer body-mind type activities such as Pilates; health related activities such as Postural Re-education, CORE and Hypopressive Exercise; more intense activities such as Total Body Conditioning, GAP and Suspension Training; and aquatic activities such as Aquafit. Classes will have a duration of approximately 40 and 60 minutes and will be held in a spacious room. Aquafit, on the other hand, will be taking place in a reserved area of the swimming pool.


Activity designed to assist and improve posture control, flexibility, body tone, and body awareness, combining both dynamic muscle strength and resistance and mental control, respiration and relaxation.

Posture Correction
Session focused on the progressive correction of posture and improvement of pathologies associated with deficiencies and imbalances in the spine. The objectives are the prevention of injuries and the re-education of the posture.

Session based on physical exercise through a series of postures connected through deep rhythmic breathing. Among the benefits we include relaxation of the body and mind, lower levels of anxiety, reduced stress, and improved quality of sleep.

Total Body Conditioning
Discipline focused on general physical conditioning, working all areas of the body through a variety of strength exercises (with or without material) at different intensities.

Session aimed at combining low-impact cardiovascular and muscular work in the aquatic environment.

Training focused on performing strength exercises for the Gluteus, Abdominal area, and Legs.

Suspension training
Suspension training focused on the work of strength in all planes of movement, and emphasizing the work done on the stabilizing musculature with the use of body weight. A type of training that also works on postural control and joint mobility.

Training focused on strengthening the middle area, also known as a body corset, to improve balance, coordination and stability.

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Activity Pack

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Activity Pack + Lane swimming

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Lane swimming + Aquafit

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