Family Friendly & Large Facility

If you are hesitating between a center that is personal and up close or one that offers you a great facility, Queen's Center is the place for you. Personalized, familiar treatment and a cozy atmosphere in a modern and complete multi-sports space.

Urban & Full of nature

A few minutes from the center and anywhere in Palma, but integrated into the only large forest that exists in the city. A pool whose water, completely natural and chlorine-free, will be reused to irrigate the gardens of the complex. The feeling of swimming in a lake. The perfect location to practice urban sports surrounded by nature.

Children & Adults

Our facilities are fully prepared to meet the needs of anyone, regardless of their age. We have a variety of services and monitors and trainers specialized in working with children and also with adults, whatever their level. The ideal place for sports for the whole family.

Inner & Outer

Swimming and exercising in a diaphanous interior, protected and acclimatized but surrounded by large windows that bathe the space in natural light and allow a practically 360º view of the Bellver forest. The advantages of an interior, the sensations of an exterior.

Who is Queen's Center for

In a sports complex fully integrated into the surrounding community, our goal is to meet the needs of the entire family. For this reason we have specific aquatic services that cover starting from swimming courses for babies, children, adults, and pregnant women, private swimming lessons for children and adults, without forgetting our Lane swimming service.

The personal training service will offer us the opportunity to do physical exercise in a completely personalized way, with flexible schedules and a wide range of possibilities.

We also have a group training service for those who want a complete training, focused on the development of group physical preparation.

Our Activity Pack, on the other hand, offers us the possibility of enjoying mind-body activities such as Pilates; those oriented to the aquatic environment such as Aquafitness; those that are oriented towards health such as Postural Correction and Hypopressives; and the most intense as Total Body Conditioning. All of them will complete an offer in which any member of the family can find their place.

Why hire our services

Queen’s Center is a sports complex fully integrated into the landscape. Both its 25-meter indoor pool, as well as the personal training studio, the multidisciplinary room, and other spaces are designed and built with the latest materials and technology.

The water treatment dispenses with chlorine, resulting in usable water even for irrigation. All our services are backed by the best professionals both in their specialization and in their treatment of the user.

Other forms of contact

Contact telephone number: 971 100 006

Contact WhatsApp: 671 416 643


Customer service hours

Monday to Friday From 9.00 to 11.00 hours and from 16.00 to 20.00 hours.

Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00 hours